amc service

Preventive maintenance is the most important activity for trouble-free operation and uninterrupted supply of power. An annual maintenance contract is a preventive maintenance conducted by us for our customers. AMC plan involves periodic maintenance of equipment’s conducted on quarterly and on annual basis.

We also under take A.M.C. for a different type of transformers including unitized substations of any make. Annual four Visits are planned at the site by our Service Engineer & technician team for Periodical maintenance of the Product. Few maintenance Points are as below: –

    1. FOR QUARTERLY VISITS: –I.R. Value checks; To attend oil Leakage check magnetic balance, Inspection of HV & LV Porcelains, & metal parts, Contact Surfaces at HV & LV side, Ventilation for cooling etc.
    2. FOR ANNUAL VISITS:- Taking out the main Cover, Sludge Removing by oil jet, inspection of the ap changer, conservator, oil Filtration for improving B.D.V. & I.R. Values.
    3. For more please download our AMC Form