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Repair of broken transformers, redesign, revamping and reconstruction of windings. We produce one of the finest & beautiful transformers taking meticulous care with a series of pre & post testing carried out. Our products are designed precisely as per the customer specific requirement and provide good Service for transformer Repairs We produce one of the finest & beautiful transformers taking meticulous care with a series of pre & post testing carried out. Our products are designed precisely as per the customer specific requirement and provide good Service for transformer Repairs. Domestic purpose & Small Industry applications.

We offer effective emergency repairing services for correcting faults or failures faced by our end users that include power transformer repair, transformer repair services, etc. Also to meet the contingency, we make sure in providing prompt repair services and spares to replace the obsolete parts of the transformer. To meet the urgent requirements, we offer our clients with transformers to replace the faulty ones for a nominal rent.

We offer transformer repairing services, which include transformer oil filtration and high tension repairing. These services offered by us are unmatched and reliable. To ensure speedy and efficient services, we have a team of technicians who ensure that the fault is repaired immediately.(We produce a wide range of distribution transformers starting from 25 KVA to 3 MVA of the voltage class 11kv/433v)

We repair and handle reengineering of the damaged transformers. The repairing services offered to our customer, ensures transformers with high working frequency and power output, reliable service life, high performance standards and low maintenance. Transformers are designed to have a long life but due to inadequate protection and maintenance of the system, this equipment’s get damaged. Transformer repairs deals with oil filtration and vaccumization of transformers, overhauling, distribution transformer repaired.

We provide well versed equipment’s to provide overhauling process. This service can also be personalized as per the requirement and specification of the customers. The overhauling process is highly required to enhance the life of the Transformer.Repair & Rewinding of all kind of Transformers up to 50 MVA, 230 KV Class at our factory and Transformers up to 240 MVA, 230 KV Class at site. All the servicing is done by our team of qualified professionals. Well versed with complete wiring and good technical ideas our team executes each project with great ability and precision.

We produce one of the finest & beautiful transformers taking meticulous care with a series of pre & post testing carried out. Our products are designed precisely as per the customer specific requirement and provide good Service for transformer Repairs.

Transformer Repair: Domestic purpose & Small Industry applications.

Power transformers are the most important components of electrical energy supply networks. Although these components have high reliability, failures can occur due to external factors such as short circuits in the grid. Failures can also occur due to ageing effects of the active part, especially the insulation system, or ageing of important accessories such as bushings or on load tap changers. In case of failure, the first action is to identify the type of failure. The aim is to localize the failure itself as well as its root cause.

Repairing a transformer instead of replacing it can substantially reduce investment costs and provide a faster turnaround than buying a new transformer. Furthermore, to maximize the assets technical life, a refurbishment or overhaul can be an intermediate action when no failure has occurred and the ageing of the active part has reached a stage where the continued reliability of the transformer is unacceptable.

For preventive maintenance, refurbishment also known as reconditioning, is a frequent used option, in where equipment is taken to an authorized service workshop for a full inspection, thorough cleaning and individual component analysis and replacement according the maintenance schedule. The reconditioned equipment undergoes complete testing and comes with a warranty.

Our team of specialized transformer repair technicians and experienced repair shop personnel deliver a suite of technologies that pinpoint problems with the highest degree of timeliness and accuracy and restore service with the least disruption possible.

It has the largest network of transformer repair facilities. Each facility has capabilities to remanufacture and test transformers to any standard. It can remanufacture all types of transformers of both core and shell type manufacture.Because we maintain the original design records for us and several other manufacturers, our repair facilities can begin the remanufacturing process prior to receiving your transformer. Design data availability also allows us to provide spare coils for critical units that can reduce future repair cycles by up to half.

It is dedicated to advancing our technology and logistics, developing a suite of unique portable transformer services to bring the expected level of quality and precision to customer sites. For larger transformers, the cost for rigging and transportation to a repair facility could reach 100,00 to 5,000,0 each way, and the round trip can easily take three months, assuming no shipping damage. Field transformer testing and repairs, where applicable, offer many benefits to utilities and large industrials – many rapid onsite services can cost less than the transportation expense alone.

Our highly skilled team is outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art test and repair equipment, to inspect, test, and repair your transformer to ensure that it is in top working condition.

We offer a full range of services, including, but not limited to…

  • Complete oil sampling and analysis
  • Remarketing of all sealed surfaces on transformer, and transformer components
  • Replacing of all components associated with standard electrical transformers (dry-type and oil-filled)
  • Weld repair on the majority of metal tank deformities
  • Repainting

Along with design and manufacture of new transformers, it has also developed extensive capabilities in repair and re-engineering of damaged transformers of all makes.It has Refurbishment group been repairing Power transformers and has repaired transformers from 3 MVA, 33/11 kV to 20 MVA 132/33 kV. Processes streamlined through years of experience allow us to repair transformers up to 220 kV class in the shortest possible intervals, thereby minimizing customer downtime.

Our vast experience and repair processes allow us to reverse engineer and improve/ modify designs of existing transformers in extremely short intervals. Our repair process is geared towards ensuring longevity of the refurbished transformer at the most cost effective price and every care is taken to reuse components that are fine and replace defective components with high quality replacements.

In addition, our fast delivery schedules (Turn Around Time of between 8 to 10 weeks) along with our presence in the (at the heart of the and close to almost all the large power utilities and companies) make us an ideal partner for repair jobs. Our fleet of transport vehicles (along with tie ups with large logistics companies) is further geared towards collecting a damaged transformer from the site and dropping it off at the place of installation – reducing delays and optimizing uptime for the end customer

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